Classified Portal

Classified Portal

Classified Portal

Classified website is an online advertisement and Listings, offers skilled full-featured Ad publishing solution for online media.

In Seller and Buyer Automatic Interaction, seller post their offers as per the services and products of the vendor or service supplier, and purchaser will post requirement to the web portal, instantly equal the customer necessity to the vendor services & products and send the purchaser details to vendor and vendor information to purchaser. They can post ads to support the services to offer as in a classified web portal classified ads are posted through choosing the suitable category and sub category. It will be free ads as well as paid classified ads for reasonable rates. Seller /Service providers and Buyer Manual Interaction create their profile together with the products and services, and also create the contact details and offers. Purchaser visits the portal and explore for necessary service or product. Web portal illustrates catalog of all vendors or service suppliers according to pre distinct algorithm where purchaser can check out to all vendor profile and send the demand or necessity. It will be instantly posted to the vendor or service giver.

Major Features of Classified Portal:-

Customer listing
Different categories for the visitors to prefer
Time frame option to run the classified ad
Image uploading alternative
Register Algorithm
Reminder and visit calculate
Paid / Free classified ad and image choice
Addition of expense category
Features to emphasize classified ads
Management portal
MIS information
Customer / admin can revise and administer profile
SMS /Email access configuration
Payment access configuration
SEO responsive Classified gateways
Ground-breaking commerce sense

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